Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe it’s important to make a contribution to a better living environment. That’s why we invest in projects, locally and globally. With our CSR policy we aim to ensure that renewable energy is accessible to all.

Recycle your solar panels

Libra Energy is a member of the OPEN Foundation (Stichting Organisatie Producentenverantwoordelijkheid E-waste Nederland). The OPEN Foundation, on behalf of all − over 3,500 − producers of electrical appliances in the Netherlands, is responsible for the collection and recycling of e-waste. Its aim is to achieve the legal collection target of 65%, and to make e-waste circular. It does this together with its collection, sorting and recycling partners. From now on, the policy on how producer responsibility is fulfilled will be determined by the OPEN Foundation (formerly Weee Nederland).

WEEE stands for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (European Directive). It provides advice on European producer responsibilities to manufacturers, and is the implementing organisation on behalf of the OPEN Foundation in the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2021 there has been a close partnership between Weee Nederland and the OPEN Foundation, and from 1 March 2021 all members of Weee Nederland automatically became members of the OPEN Foundation.

The Netherlands Solar Energy Recycling Foundation (Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland − ZRN) represents the interests of producers and importers within the OPEN foundation in connection with their legal recycling obligations. Libra Energy is affiliated with ZRN in order to make a positive contribution to its policies.

TÜV (Technical Inspection Association)

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By participating in the CO₂ performance ladder we are consciously working to reduce our CO₂ emissions.