What design rules apply specifically to SolarEdge?

In response to the FAQ: “How can I determine the string length with SolarEdge?”, we explore the design rules that apply specifically to SolarEdge.

There are a number of specific design rules for the different types of SolarEdge inverters. These rules apply to the SolarEdge 25k and the SolarEdge 27.6K.

The maximum number of strings that can be used on the SolarEdge 25k is three. The maximum power per string is 13.5 kW. On this type of inverter you can oversize by up to 135% (PV) and a maximum power of 11.25 kW per string may not be exceeded: 25 kW x 1.35=33.75 kW.

No more than three strings may be connected to the SolarEdge 27.6K type of inverter. In principle the maximum power per string for this type is 11.25 kW. However, if using a P600 or P700 optimiser and the power difference between the strings varies by no more than 2 kW, then you can apply a maximum string power of 13.25 kW.

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