Disselhorst Green Energy installs 612 solar panels

Our customer Disselhorst Green Energy installed 612, 275Wp Boviet solar panels. The installation is placed on the roof of company Maan Biobased Products B.V. With these panels, around 155,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity are generated each year with which Maan Biobased Products can run its production on its own green solar energy.

SolarEdge inverters and optimizers

This installation has been chosen to work with SolarEdge optimizers. 306 P600 optimizers are used, two panels are connected per optimizer. For the 612 panels, six pieces of 27.6k inverters were needed. With this chosen system, Maan Biobased Products B.V. can read the panels per set of two.

Boviet solar panels

On the roof of Maan Biobased Products B.V. there are now 612 solar panels from the Boviet brand placed. The panel is a polycrystalline module of 275Wp and is produced in Vietnam. The quality of the solar panel is guaranteed. Boviet controls the entire production line (from cell to housing). Libra Energy Asia, our quality control team in Asia, is fully integrated into Boviet’s quality management system. Boviet solar panels are therefore also very suitable for SDE + projects, due to the excellent price / quality ratio due to the high-end production facility.

Project features


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