Solar panels as a marketing tool


Hummel & Meyer AG is an allround building services company in Basel, Switzerland. Their skilled employees have years of experience in plumbing, heating, sanitary and roofing installations for build homes, offices and industrial buildings. The core values of this family business are quality, reliable service and professional advice and execution.


Hummel & Meyer AG installs the systems of solar professional 7Xs, Libra Energy’s partner in Switzerland. The first joint solar system was placed by them in 2014. They wanted to install solar panels at their office and warehouse to show their customers that they are able to build solar systems as well.


In Switzerland systems within 30 kWp are standard, because there are subsidies for installations less than 30 kWp output. For this installation, 110 JA Solar 270Wp polycrystalline solar panels and a Solis 30K inverter are installed, combined with an East West system from Flatfix Fusion. FlatFix Fusion is a revolutionary lightweight flat roof system. The system has a 13 degree setup angle. This ensures that the PV system achieves a high output.

The construction looks beautiful and can be used as an excellent marketing tool for Hummel & Meyer AG.

Zonne-energie als marketing tool 1 Zonne-energie als marketing tool 2

Project features

  • FlatFix Fusion, a revolutionary lightweight flat roof system
  • Self-installed by the client
  • 30 kWp output


JA solar panels – 270Wp Poly:
Solis 30K inverter:


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