Thatched roof? No problem.


Man & Mach is an asbestos specialist, with origins in the agricultural sector. This background is reflected in its business culture today; practical people who do what they say.  As well as being an asbestos specialist, Man & Mach also carries out renovation and restoration works, often involving the installation of solar panels.


Not many customers dare to install a solar panel system on a thatched roof. This is partly because the thatch beneath the solar panels starts to rot.  Man & Mach, however, decided to take on this challenge.


Using the GSE In-roof system Man & Mach have succeeded in developing the perfect solar panel system for thatched roofs. The thatch is removed from an area, after which the solar panel system is installed using the GSE In-roof system. This ensures that the surrounding thatched roof remains perfectly intact.


Modules: JA Solar 270WP Black
inverter: GoodWe 12k DT
Mounting: GSE indak


Man & Mach
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