The icing on the cake


Sunforce offers total clean energy solutions for both private individuals as well as companies. They always aim for the best price/quality ratio and ensure that they assemble a system for every customer that achieves the best technical and economic returns.


The solar system for this project was not installed on a company’s roof but at the side of the buildingas a door awning. For the customer, it was very important that the system was aesthetic. The windpower was the biggest technical challange.


Sunforce chose to mount the solar system with the Van der Valk clampsystem so the wind power ould not be an issue here. besides, they designed a clean design with all the products completely black. In this way the aestetic part exceeded the requirements of the customer.


Ambachtsweg 13-b
1474 HV Oosthuizen

[email protected]


Module: JA Solar All Black 260wp
Inverter: Omnik 2.5k
Mounting: Van der Valk clamp system

Sunforce about Libra Energy

We are very positive about the cooperation with Libra. It is very valuable for Sunforce tha Libra is doing her best to have personal contact as much as possible. It is good to know who you are on the phone with, who is sending to emails en who you can call for help. The huge product and technical knowledge and support is also very valuable. Libra differentiates herself from all the other companies in the sector by their knowledge. This  added value is the main reason we are a regular customer from Libra Energy.

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