With SolarEdge you can limit 

the risk of fire and arc flash 

LENS is an installation specialist in solar systems. Recently they were commissioned by a large real estate investor to install a PV system at a supermarket in Den Dolder. It was important for the customer that work on the roof could be done both during and after the installation.

“For a property investor, it’s extremely important that the installation placed on a roof you rent out is safe. This is why the customer wanted the PV system to be protected against fire and arc flash. For these reasons we choose SolarEdge with Safe DC, an inverter that meets all the fire safety requirements and guidelines, ” says Andreas van Borselen, Team Leader Engineering & Purchasing at Lens. 

The PV-system installed in Den Dolder has been developed in such a way that deliveries are made within the user’s quarter-hourly values ​​and feed-in to the grid is limited. LENS used SolarEdge  27.6K inverters here with P650 optimizers. 

The Den Dolder project has a lightning protection installation, so LENS was obliged to link the PV-system to that and also to apply surge protection on the DC side. Conduct provided an ideal plug-and-play solution for this when using SolarEdge inverters. 

“The client and we are both extremely satisfied with the choice of SolarEdge and the collaboration with Libra Energy. Libra Energy thought along with us during the design phase about how we could offer the system to the client both qualitatively and cost-efficiently. During the installation, Libra Energy helped us with partial deliveries and assisted us with vertical transport to the roof. It was a challenging location for installation because the supermarket was open as usual throughout.”

Smooth installation due to a quality product and cooperation in the design phase


SafeDC is a panel level integrated safety function that minimises the risk of electrocution. Power optimisers are designed to automatically switch to a safe level during installation, maintenance and grid or inverter shutdown, reducing the output voltage of each panel to 1V. The string voltage is kept well below the risk limit.  

Automatic switch-off at panel level has been developed for the following cases: 

  • during installation so long as the string is disconnected or the inverter is switched off; 
  • during maintenance or in emergency cases whenever the inverter is switched off or when the building’s grid has been disconnected;  
  • when the sensors on the power optimisers measure a temperature of over 85 ̊C 

Arc flash detection and interuption

"SolarEdge is our "go-to" solution for Safe DC, monitoring and warranty."

Andreas van Borselen, LENS

SolarEdge inverters have in-built protection to reduce the effects of arc flash interference, thus minimising the risk of fire. 

SolarEdge installatie apps

Did you know that SolarEdge has various apps like SetApp and Maper available so that you can complete your installation easily and without any hassle? 


The commissioning of inverters has never been easier. You can now activate and configure the inverter directly from your smartphone. 


Installers use Mapper to scan in the barcodes of the SolarEdge power optimiser and inverter and to create a virtual map of the PV-site making remote diagnostics possible. 

Ready for the future with SolarEdge

In total, LENS expects to install 3,200 solar panels on the supermarkets of this client this year with a total yield of 900 MWh per year. This will prevent the annual emission of 350,000 kg CO2. 

The system in Den Dolder was recently put into operation. LENS gives a yield guarantee on installations with SolarEdge. Thanks to real-time online monitoring via their own portal, which is also linked to SolarEdge’s portal, any disruptions in an individual panel can be detected and quickly and expertly remedied by LENS. 

"We can count on Libra Energy for total support on an entire project level."

Andreas van Borselen, LENS

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