Solar energy storage is the future. Battery storage makes a household completely independent of the electricity grid, which can save you energy costs. Libra Energy is already prepared for this future and offers you the storage capabilities of the brands listed below.

Accu’s 2

LG Chem

LG Chem was founded in 1947 and was originally based in Korea. Libra Energy sells LG Chem’s lithium home battery. This is ideal for increasing self-consumption in an existing PV system. The LG Chem RESU batteries are especially developed for energy storage systems in residential projects. They are simple to install on walls (hanging) or floors (standing), both indoors and outdoors.

 LG Chem features

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Available power between 3.3 and 13 kWh
  • Technically very advanced product with a long life
  • Lithium battery technology
  • Both LV (48 V) and HV (400 V)
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BYD (Build Your Dreams) was founded in 1995. It has since grown to become one of the biggest battery factories in the world. Alongside batteries BYD produces much more, such as electric cars. With more than 20,000 engineers employed, BYD is always updating and innovating.

BYD features

  • Easy to expand due to modular design
  • Asian battery giant
  • More than 20 years’ experience
  • Listed on stock exchange
  • Active in more than 50 countries
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Accu’s en batterijen


Pylontech’s batteries are ideal for a home storage system. The battery is small in size, has a long life and is easy to expand for more power.

Pylontech features

  • Suitable for most hybrid storage systems
  • Easy to connect
  • Easy to expand due to modular design
  • Takes up little room due to compact design
  • Security ensured through intelligent BMS
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