Libra EV-Go bundles

The Libra EV-Go bundle is unique in the Netherlands. All the parts needed for a working installation in one bundle! Through our collaboration with Alfen and E-Flux, we offer you this complete charging solution, in which we care of every last thing and fully support you. This bundle is only available via Libra Energy.

Libra EV-Go bundles

The benefits of the Libra EV-Go bundles

  • Choice of various bundles
  • Support during the installation
  • 6-month free E-Flux Plus subscription
  • 24/7 service and support
  • In stock and available to order
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E-Flux is a full-service backoffice provider. E-Flux focusses itself completely on backoffice software and offers all the services that go with it. It does this with partners and end users. Together with E-Flux, Libra Energy offers a complete charging solution to the driver of an electric vehicle so that charging can be done easily at home, at work and on the road.  For the owner of a charging point, the E-Flux backoffice offers data into charging sessions, current status and an overview of all income. In addition to automatically invoicing charging costs to the employer or guests, E-Flux offers 24/7 support via the helpdesk. This way support can be provided at any time.

 E-Flux feature

  • Manage different types of charging stations in your own environment
  • Freedom to set your own rate
  • Overview of charging sessions and invoices
  • Automatic invoicing of charging sessions for employers or guests
  • 24/7 support from E-Flux